Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V-Day whatever...

I really dislike Valentine's it wrong to tell my 8 year old daughter to have low expectations on Valentine's day? I see her blissfully watching all her favorite tv shows with love story fantasies coming out the eyeballs..It's another holiday that the media throws in your face and is impossible to live up to. Either, you're single (which I am pretty much most of the time) or your'e in a dysfunctional relationship. Disappointing either way. I just gave her a warning about it, tried not to sound too jaded and cynical. Hard.

However, I did tell her, it's really special to spend time with your kids and to show them, your friends and family how much you care. So...we've been making lots of cards. Of course, she made this amazing card with rainbows and glitter and lots of detail - for her dad. And for mom, a plain red card with a little Mexican worry doll tucked inside. Guess I should just keep my cynicism to myself.

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